misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

What can be done with ipods and ipads


Photos, lovely photos, that's what can be done -- when the subject (victim is too edgy) is not aware. Thus Caroline with her ipod over our house this Saturday captured Clarissa's "gentle wondrous" feel for the first time:

Caroline also airbrushed out of sight the detritus of every day, changed the lighting to soft browns and auburns, and caught our fireplace unspoiled as if in a movie.

And the admiral with is ipad: me absorbed reading (life of J. L. Carr), two cats ensconced:

Also airbrushed, unself-conscious.

Fo comparison, me with camera (digital) taking Izzy (aware) in her usual spot enjoying watching and working on her ice-skating reports:

Not touched up, the bare reality. one late winter's day with the white light pouring in her window.

You can see some of her oldest favorite pictures scotch-taped up on her wall.

Gentle reader, which do you prefer?

Tags: cats, life-writing (mine), seasonal

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