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What can be done with ipods and ipads


Photos, lovely photos, that's what can be done -- when the subject (victim is too edgy) is not aware. Thus Caroline with her ipod over our house this Saturday captured Clarissa's "gentle wondrous" feel for the first time:

Caroline also airbrushed out of sight the detritus of every day, changed the lighting to soft browns and auburns, and caught our fireplace unspoiled as if in a movie.

And the admiral with is ipad: me absorbed reading (life of J. L. Carr), two cats ensconced:

Also airbrushed, unself-conscious.

Fo comparison, me with camera (digital) taking Izzy (aware) in her usual spot enjoying watching and working on her ice-skating reports:

Not touched up, the bare reality. one late winter's day with the white light pouring in her window.

You can see some of her oldest favorite pictures scotch-taped up on her wall.

Gentle reader, which do you prefer?



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Feb. 8th, 2012 03:35 am (UTC)
Dear Ellen,

Thanks very much for the nice photos. (I sometimes wish I were as handy with the technology). You ask on your Sylvia blog for your reader's opinion - I hope I have this right. The temptation to airbrush reality (?) right out of existence must be awfully strong. I think I'll go with Ms Izzy in the splendor of her room as it was that day. Of course, the air-brushed photo of our blogger in her chair reading (thank you for supplying the book's title) begs a few questions, at least of me. Where are her eyeglasses? (doesn't use any?! what?) The bookshelves are far too neat though I suspect the photographer didn't brush those into order. Could they really be so ordered? Next you'll tell me the books are in, say, alphabetical or chronological order. . .

Feb. 8th, 2012 09:38 pm (UTC)
I had always admired the photos of others where the houses look so spotless and everything arranged so alluringly. Also the use of atmospheric color. And I was delighted by Caroline's photos of my cat, but then when I looked at Izzy and saw the mess of her room, the clutter, the real sense of lived life, I thohght maybe crude untouched camera shots had a power the others did not.

I do keep my books in enough order to find things. They are not in perfect order by any means; many are on their sides; others too big for the space they ought to be in; still others leave me puzzled where to put them so I can remember where they are and that causes other disarrangements. I tried to cope with lack of memory using Library Thing and it does help, but I still have literally hours on and off looking for a book.

We are coldish and rainy today and all the photos are cheering to me; that's why I put them up,


Edited at 2012-02-08 09:42 pm (UTC)
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