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Sweet lives among living books

Dear friends and lovers of reading,

I like to keep this saying in my commonplace list of favorite sayings:  "Some people say that life is the thing, but I much prefer reading." -- Logan Pearsall Smith. And then there's Chantal Thomas's "Aussi triste qe soit un livre, it n'est jamais aussi triste que la vie" [As sad as a book can be, it's never as sad as life" (Souffrir [On Suffering]). As Caroline says in her blog, she grew up in a library. All this to introduce two marvelous UTubes which I hope are embeddable into this blog. The first I'm told has been nominated for an oscar. I thought it French as one of the tunes is quintessentially French and the texts of the books we get to see in French. But the makers' names are English-language:


At opening, at close of day, what could be more welcome?    Touching. A rewrite of The Wizard of Oz. A vindication of a life spent among books. Books are living creatures. Very sweet. Did others who watch notice at one point when the young hero gets old, his face is that of Denholm Elliot. I love how it's the mansion-house of costume drama, and how the books wave goodbye to the young man now having earned his right to fly with books as balloons; and how a young girl replaces him.

The other what books get up to in libraries when people are asleep. How they shelve themselves, dance and socialize the night away:

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