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what is Mitt Romney's real self? his dog, Seamus, knew

Friends and readers,

As many of you may know Mitt Romney has now garnered well over 200 delegates. The situation is ominous. This man will probably run for president in the coming US election on the Republican ticket.  We all know there is nothing this man will not do for money. No limit to his action, no limit to how many different and disparate positions he will take. He is without scruple. But this is not what shows his soul. What shows it is what he did to a creature in his power.

He is an abuser without conscience.

They say a valet knows his boss/master like no one else; so did slaves know their masters and mistresses and animals in our world are treated like slaves.

Mitt Romney strapped his dog, Seamus, into a cage, roped the cage onto the top of his car, and drove at speed for 12 hours to Canada. When the dog shat in terror, Romney calmly got out of his car and w/o ever taking the dog out, hosed the dog and cage down and then got back into his car and proceeded on. What is such a man? All the way to Canada with the creature in this position. He could not be bothered to board the dog? 

There was no room in the luggage compartment. The luggage counted more.

Up there you see what can be seen of Seamus, the suffering creature: I took it from a site about this incident.

12 hours. When it comes to thought, it's difficult and three minutes is a long time. But not feeling.

Was the water from the hose cold? What speed did it come out at? Imagine the dog trying to avoid it?  Imagine the already panicked dog rushing about the cage trying to avoid the relentless water.

We must assume the Seamus's food was ruined.

He did not remove the Seamus from the roof, not even once. He never so much as comforted that dog. He did not want to face what the dog's face and body would have told him. Seamus would have cringed to the extent a living creature can.

It's his treatment of his Seamus, his animal companion, an existence, a presence, a real live creature with feelings just like ours and his that we must consider. Mitt Romney insists corporations are people; here he shows he regards dogs as excess dispensable luggage. Imagine what this man would have done to his slaves (people as property) -- for his enormous wealth (and privilege -- he pays 15% taxes) marks him out as a man who in the 19th century would have owned hundreds of slaves.

He has told us that he enjoys firing people.  And here is what he did to the company (workers are not people, they are hands and figures on a leger to be made money out of) called Bain

He has never been in a cage for 12 hours with a car at top speed and when he cried out, been hosed down.

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