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March already

Dear friends and readers,

I put this quip on facebook late Saturday night when I realized that we were already up against the imposition of Daylight Savings Time -- we had to put the clock one hour ahead the next day. 

Daylight stealing time. Just when the morning light was beginning to bless my eyes as I woke I'm going to be thrown back into darkness.

My beloved young friend (she's not that young but is much younger than me), Thao, takes the same attitude and commented (off facebook) that " Even though it has been a mild winter, it has also been very dark, and I do much better when it is sunlight outside ..." Me too.

tulip tree nearby

Time just slips away from us. It has warmed up -- well sort of. It's been the usual mild sunny days for the last week where it's balmy or warm in the middle of the day but chilly or downright cold at night. This is perhaps going to be the "new winter" we are going to have. But this coming week we are promised 70s by Tuesday and 80s by Thursday. The thought then becomes "it's only March!" as in what will be when we get to May. I fear a very hot summer again.

Caroline and I planted three rows of daffodils which I can see from my window. Five are now blooming and the others all yellow buds.. Maybe next year we can put in crocuses on the other side of the path, and later this year summer flowers in the front.  (On the left side of the house our land is swamp-like and in the back it's hard desert scrabble on top.  To my side the neighbor's pink tulip tree in bloom. An upside down chandelier.

Caroline's cats

I like Caroline's photo of her cats looking at the birds outside from the theshold of her house. We had that here
too. Ian dnd Clary chased wildly about the house there were so many. Across the street one neighbor has a bird feeding station. We have sparrrows nesting in the awning next to my study window. I cannot keep Clary out.

I do do better when there's more sunlight. My complaint on facebook about the renewal of Daylight savings time (I called it Daylight Stealing time) is the result is I wake when it's so dark and that does depress me. I am more cheered when it's light. I admit though that nowadays I like having more light in the evenings. I didn't use to but I do now. I guess as I get older I just want more life and life is light. Actually the phrase is the Admiral's: he used it over dinner.

Another good friend (more my age) of many years now, Miss Schuster-Slatt as she once called herself, remarked that we don't like any imposition on us. And that's it too. Timelines, a new interface for each person's central home page or wall has been imposed, and one result has been less people posting. So it's lonlier in a way as I like my friends over there a lot. You see just above the image I chose for Timelines:  Olivia Williams as Jane Austen in Miss Austen Regrets. I don't know if you see it very well, but I just love her shawl. I wish I had one just like it.

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