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Dear friends and readers,

A few pictures showing my and my cat's surroundings this spring. First our humble abode, i.e., the house seen from outside the fence:

A still unspoilt Joseph Beach creation, influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright. The house "grows" out of its surroundings; each room is large and square; each has 2 outer walls, every outer wall a large wide window. In its center in the front portion is the fireplace around which swirl the kitchen, dining room, front room and (nowadays) another book corridor.  We've a fence porch in the front. The high closed fence on the left is not my idea; it was put up by a neighbor; we have them on 3 sides (my neighbors apparently believe "good fences make good neighbors"). My idea of a fence is the open two long logs of wood type circling an area.

To the side daffodils; which will soon be joined by silver ferns. Nearby the pink tulip tree now shedding its petals.

They catch the winds of March with beauty before the swallow dares

An internet friend once told me there was no such thing as a pink tulip tree. Well yes there is. An upside down pink candelabra.

In my crowded work-study room:

Where I spend my life (yes that's Jennifer Ehle on as Elizabeth Bennet and Olivia Williams as Jane Austen on my wall)

One of my boookcases in my book: my Austen books, close at hand, near to heart. Yes nearby a picture by Remedios Varos of a tower filled with pussycats in a garden with yet more pussycats.

If I want to go anywhere:

A la Nancy Drew who drove about in a blue coup -- my aging nifty little Chevy, battered, discolored, beloved. ("see the USA in your chevrolet Diane Shore sung in the 1950s ... -- well I just go to libraries and old Town and shopping and to where I teach). It used to have an audio-cassette player, but now had a receiver-affair which plays CDs and MP3s turned into CDs. Just finished Donada Peters reading Eliot's Romola, and began David Case reading Bleak House.

Must not forget Clary, my sweet tortoise cat, her worlds of books along high cliffs, leading to windows, looking down at the Admiral (Jim at his computer):

My life's companion-mate for some 43 years now ...

I know if anyone bought my property the first thing many would do would be to tear down my lovely house. So here it is again from another angle:

It's my assumption that a Washington Post story about the neighborhood in which President Ford's ex-house stands where they said of near-by houses some are "painfully humble" (with a sense of mortification at having to look at houses not pompous, not domineering) meant mine and a few others on my block.

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