misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

The Tao of Pussycats

Dear friends and readers,

Earlier this week the Admiral took this photo of Ian and Clary snuggling together in their cat tree:


He also sent this blog: The Tao of the C Train

A cat will go to sleep when she (or he) is ready to. A mistress cannot will her cat to be still. The cat moves about. We must not strain to find a cat who has vanished (temporarily). The mistress must trust her cat to be going where she wants to go, for the cat is doing just that. A cat will not do what you want; she will only avoid allowing you to see her doing what you mysteriously do not approve of. A cat is stubborn. Cats want to lay upon you. Sit on you. A cat is an affectionate creature, for 21st century indoor cats are infantilized. When a cat is not excited, munching, playing, rolling about, hiding under stools; cleaning herself or scratching and rubbing against things that are convenient or gnawing her nails; when she is not observing alertly, either arched up, squatting, she is tranquil, a kind of cat loaf.

A favorite cat poem -- if you do not know this magnificent set of verses, For I will consider my cat Geoffrey by Christopher Smart

Tags: animal rights, cats, diary, life-writing (mine), seasonal

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