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Free-for-all: Open war on black men, the poor, all women

Dear friends and readers,

I blogged yesterday about Adrienne Rich twice. Once a foremother poet blog; a second time just adding two more poems

As I thought about her world -- the one she was young in -- and the world today I begin to wonder if I should blog the way I do.  We have gone from one of Milton's devils, Belial who went for round-bout hidden concealed war ("I should be much behind if what was urged/Main reason to persuade to immediate war/Did not dissaude me most") to Moloch: "My sentence is for open war". I see that the people the FBI openly murders say with the collusion and support and money of the timber industry (Judy Bari, bombed for union organizing successfully, a feminist, active environmentalist) are active in the real world. It's political action that matters, especially if it's socialist, feminist, anti-racist -- never never attack any religions (do remember that). As yet blogs in this sense don't count in the US.  But they may eventually. It may be that the free Internet we've enjoyed for about 20 years will be curtailed, censored, then all such blogs as mine will vanish. Wikipedia as a valued source is one hope against that. Also that the Net is a free-for-all for shoppers.

Another kind of free-for-all is going on too. I've known all my life the US is filled with white people who hate black people (at any rate want to keep apart and have nothing to do with them), hate the poor, target and abuse women but until recently it was not legal any more (it was until the 1950s) to murder black men with impunity. Now it is. Trayvon Martin is just one case, egregious and it worries people because it's the National Rifle Association who is lobbying successfully in many states to spread vigilante terrorism ("stand your ground" ordinances). In November Kenneth Chamberlain, 68 year old black man who had had a heart attack was unfortunate because an alarm around his neck went off and the police came to his door. He didn't want to let them in so they took the door off its hinges; he told them to leave him alone, perhaps was uppity, so they called him nigger, tasered him (this is an electric stun gun and they did it to a man who had bad heart), shot him with beans, and then murdered him with guns. Only now is the case attracting any attention. Perhaps because of the Martin incident.

Lobbyists for the private prison industry are successfully pushing for draconian prison sentences of young men caught with some any drugs.  With community police gone and frisking without warrant the order of the day, it's easy to bring in young black men. Catch them.

Last summer a girl was raped and called the police; they came and abused her further. She was mocked in court. Smeared. One of several such rape cases.  You see the legislation spreading like wildfire against women. You are a murderer if your pregnancy goes badly -- this is a return to murder for infanticide.

The war on the poor includes ending any attempt to not bankrupt them, ending food stamps to starve them, making them homeless for the banks ...

It is apparently not acceptable to strap your dog to the top of your car and enjoy his misery after you hose him down to silence him while you drive 12 hours to your vacation.  It is however acceptable to fight to limit all disability helps (of which there are few) by re-defining them out of visible existence.

All the attitudes underlying these things were there but they were controlled. Myself as a middle aged white woman I will not be targets unless I prod the system -- say in health care once I was taken to a hospital against my will. This was the 1990s. I did leave that hospital, but am not sure I'd get away with that today. I shall not call for any official person if I have an emergency in my home.

This is an addendum to my two Adrienne Rich blogs. There is no point in blogging about her unless you also bring in the context.

Tags: 20th century, animal rights, capitalism, female archetypes, feminism, occupy movement, politics, presidential campaign, private property, womens lives

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