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Out pussycats cannot be said to enjoy gardening ...

Dear friends and readers,

At least not of the noisy variety.  We have carried on our intermittent efforts to improve our garden -- flowers, flower beds, doing something about the hedge (the admiral wanted it pulled out) in front of our screened porch. Last week a man with crew came and took down an ill tree in the back; aging, (ominously/) bent, no longer producing more than a few feeble leaves, it was (we felt) time -- as it was also, Caroline pointed out to us, threatening the back of the house. 

It was very noisy I was told. (I was out teaching at GMU.) The cats were upset. This time, the girl, Clary, more than the boy. She hid in some deeper place and did not come out until a couple of hours after they left.

Did you know cats have bad dreams? Ian was nervous all afternoon and later when he fell asleep, he yipped and yipped and Clary either was laying intertwined with him or came over to him, laid her paws all around him and licked away.

Today a man with a huge yellow machine that makes the ground quaver came to the back and removed the stump. When the chips went flying and a couple hit the house, we felt noises under the back of the bed which is pushed against a wall that is that back wall near where this tree used to be.

He is gone now. Clary came out at one point when Jim talked gently at her, but looking round and listening headed right back again.

They are not keen on the quieter types either. I had (I hoped) instructed the man I pay to mow (by three phone calls) to remove that hedge and weed under a small baby maple in the front of our garden.  Last week he also had the men trim the hedge beautifully and then I weeded myself. I called again and asked for mulch to make three flower beds and asked if they would weed a mess that has grown up in a corner of the yard near the upside down tree they took away two weeks ago.  Well he had them come and further trim that hedge and mulch it, re-shape the maple so now it could be photographed for magazine and mulch it, and yes weed the mess in the back.  The cats didn't like that much either. They didn't hide though, just kept a low profile.

Snapped when he was not looking and no one gardening anywhere. Yes that's Richardon's Sir Charles Grandison in paperback next to him. He is too big to sit on Richardson's Clarissa the way Clary still can.

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