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_That dog_: he ran away; women without men ought to be out there working from Day One

Dear friends and readers,

For May Day:

That's right. Italicized. It's Romney's Achilles' heel.  Romney's real self, his dog knew. How he treated his dog. Apparently it did no harm to Bush fils that he murdered a young woman on death row and laughed in public at her pleas to him. But it does harm to Romney.  Also that his wife never worked a day in her life for a boss who was to give her money for it. I vow to start making blogs on both of these.

The man without a heart. The woman who lived an utterly privileged existence and Romney seems not to know it. Of course she does and preens himself on it. On his keeping her.  What he's sure all women who had not got a man to support ought to be out of the house and working for money no matter how little, with their children with no mother to care for them from Day One. Day One is the day she gives birth. Children of women without men don't deserve mothers.



by Adrienne Rich

December 25, 1972

You show me the poems of some woman
my age, or younger
translated from your language

Certain words occur: enemy, oven, sorrow
enough to let me know
she's a woman of my time


with Love, our subject:
we've trained it like ivy to our walls
baked it like bread in our ovens
worn it like lead on our ankles
watched it through binoculars as if
it were a helicopter     ~
bringing food to our famine

or the satellite
of a hostile power

I begin to see that woman
doing things: stirring rice
ironing a skirt
typing a manuscript till dawn

trying to make a call
from a phonebooth

The phone rings endlessly
in a man's bedroom
she hears him telling someone else
Never mind. She'll get tired.
hears him telling her story to her sister

who becomes her enemy
and will in her own way ,
light her own way to sorrow

ignorant of the fact this w:ay of grief
is shared, unnecessary
and political


When they arrived in Canada, the dog ran away. Who would not? let us all run away from this "businessman" and his obedient wife.

Tags: 20th century, animal rights, politics, presidential campaign

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