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Dear readers and friends,

Last night I heard (and checked out that it's so) another story which reveals the full character of Mitt Romney now running for US president. People's essential natures do not change that much, as in the incident where he tied up his dog for 12 hours to the top of the car while his family drove inside to Canada, and the dog complained (the story) and was then hosed down within the cage, Romney's son laughed when questioned, so here Romney at first laughed.  See Romney's dog, Seamus;  That Dog

It seems he and a group of like-minded thugs repeatedly harassed, mocked and attacked a gay or homosexual young man in their high school. Here is the news story

"Five people who attended high school with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney have come forward to reveal Romney bullied a student who was thought to be gay. Speaking to the Washington Post, Romney’s former classmates at Michigan’s Cranbrook School say Romney became incensed after seeing the student, John Lauber, with bleached-blond hair. According to their account, Romney and other classmates tackled Lauber to the ground and then forcefully cut off his hair with a pair of scissors. Speaking to Fox News Radio, Romney said he could not recall the 1965 incident and initially laughed when confronted with the details. He then offered a conditional apology."

Noticed this is not just a matter of verbal mockery; Romney and his gang actually took a scissors and cut the young man's hair off.

Imagine this incident for a moment. Romney perhaps in the lead. How dare this young man bleach his hair?  he and a group of other young men threw another young man (gay) to the ground and with a scissors cut off his hair. Then he took it upon himself to heckle the gay young man in class when he'd tried to speak. Romney would shout: "atta girl!" Romney now says he did not know the young man was gay. He must've because the heckling cry hits precisely at that.

Romney later thought the better of his immediate reaction. He is no longer campaigning against yet worst sneering racist bullies (remember New Gingrich over the Spanish reporter heckling him for asking about Gingrich's behavior to his first and second wives), nor crazy lunatics. No it's Barack Obama, a civilized decent man who it's unthinkable to imagine acting this way.  President Obama had just said he saw nothing wrong in all people have equal fair right to be married with all its social advantages and deeper meaning of commitment so as to have a family life.

So now he's "got to say he's sorry for it."  Yes he's got to say it.  He's forced to by what he wants now. Otherwise he wouldn't. He uses language quite accurately often.

So now he says it's just a prank. Nothing more. Typical kind of prank people do in high school. Well is it?  Would you do this? did your friends? I remember an incident where Yvette my young daughter was terrified by a girl on the bus going home from school. The girl, envious of Yvette's long lovely brown hair, threatened to cut it off. She said she has a scissors in her bag and produced it, just a glimpse. After that I picked Yvette up from school by car.  But I will say the girl did not proceed to try to cut my daughter's hair, she did not get a gang around her to do this.

Imagine for a moment were Romney black? he might have been suspended for proto-criminal behavior. (I know he would not have been in that school and we have had a glimpse of behavior in elite US schools similar to that in UK elite public schools and behavior like that of Cameron now PM in the UK.)

Do you want such a man for President of the US a responsible job where we are to act decently and justly to other people in our country and abroad? This matters, folks. The other night I saw him fawning over Scott Walker who in Wisconsin is illegally trying to deprive teachers, fire people and other unions of their hard-fought right to fight for decent wages, hours, conditions in schools, pensions; he is trying to deprive women of  essential needed health care. This is the man Romney, thug-bully imposing on someone else his sexual tastes.



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May. 12th, 2012 01:51 pm (UTC)
A friend sent me this from the NY Times:


Who is Gail Collins? what high school did she go to: what group of people did she belong to in high school?

I cannot agree with that article if it's meant seriously. That's not a prank -- to take out a scissors and hold the young man down and cut his hair. I told a story on my blog about a girl threatening my daughter with a scissor. Yvette remembered it. But the girl did not then take it out and commandeer a group to cut Yvette's hair.

He went well beyond the bounds of a prank.

If Romney said he enjoys firing people today. Would he laugh with Assad at the antics of frantic Syrians trying to escape his gunned thugs into another safer country?

May. 12th, 2012 02:51 pm (UTC)
Pranks. Anyone for joke?
So the NY Times is quietly for Romney; they wouldn't mind it seems. Another piece dismissing this behavior:


The revealing paragraph:

"The account is likely to revive questions about how much of a candidate’s background is fair game in an election, given Mr. Romney’s age at the time. The episode in question happened almost 50 years ago, and there have been no recent accounts about bullying behavior by Mr. Romney."

The last sentence is not ironic. How about his enjoyment of firing his employees? (after sluicing the company they worked for to make himself a billionaire).

People say they don't approve of bullying but here we see they don't mind at all -- as long as they are not the target.

May. 12th, 2012 06:33 pm (UTC)
Another friend: Jill: "What I agree with about the article, is it reveals what Romney is like with the mask off. A sadistic preppie. Certainly not the kind of person I would want in office. The type who would have women put to death and joke about it, as Dubya did."
May. 12th, 2012 06:34 pm (UTC)
Very bad news if Romney won
In a larger view it would be very bad news if he won. The US has not gone over the brink into a 3rd world country because Obama has stopped this. Put Romney in power and there would be nothing to stop the corporate runners of the state with their military.

I suppose the real scene to emphasize is last week the same cruel dog master and bully of a gang fawning over Scott Walker. Scott Walker.

I'm appalled by the Times endorsing the bullying. We have to stop calling things pranks and dismissing them. Re-read Agnes Grey on the treatment of children. Two (not one article) on this shows the Times wouldn't mind Romney themselves.

See Chomsky:


Robert Tyler
May. 13th, 2012 03:05 am (UTC)
Willard Romney
The high-school bullying incident tells us about Romney's character. Romney claims he has changed; yet he still calls a mean and vicious violent assault by five against one, a "prank". So I don't buy it. Where is the real regret or remorse ?? Once a mean, callous and cowardly bully, always a mean, callous and cowardly bully.

Romney is also a liar: does anyone believe that he does not remember this incident, when the other perpetrators do remember it all too well; admit it; and feel remorse for it to this day. In the (ver) unlikely event that Romney genuinely does remember the incident, that means that he is so callous that he thought nothing of it; and / or that he did this kind of thing so much that this is just one incident among many.

The slick, older Romney may be more sophisticated about concealing the bullying side of his character; but somehow I think we are now going to learn a lot more about it, despite his best efforts to conceal it or laugh it off.

About Romney and cowardice: during the Viet Nam war, Romney did everything he could to avoid military service ... even though he went on demonstrations in favor of the Viet Nam war. Didn't want to be one of the 50,000 young Americans who lost their lives in that war -- or the thousands more who lost their limbs. He wanted the war he clamored for, to be fought by the "little people" like you and me. Like Dick Cheney, Romney had "other priorities" for his life.
May. 13th, 2012 03:09 am (UTC)
May. 13th, 2012 10:48 am (UTC)
thank you
for your reply. Sylvia
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