misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

beautiful thing

Dear friends and readers,

Why not record a beautiful thing? Well, thinking about my own experiences of Aspergers Adults of Washington (going to movies, the meetings for supper, the online group) and Yvette's at JSSA and JCCNV, the beautiful thing is how supportive and tolerant everyone is of one another. I remember how good I have felt after some of the discussions at Teaism. Yvette told me she talked with a friend like herself who they are both hoping will soon be working with her in her office, and then how she didn't get to talk to him much more since in the bus she sat next to a low-functioning autistic person. But that was fine. How the language and terms evolved/used are kindly accurate ones. What a rejuvenating time, validating is then had by all.

Tags: aspergers, autism, disability discourses, life-writing (mine), social life

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