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Affordable Health Care act not overturned; Romney again reveals he's a bully & now also a racist

Dear friends and readers,

What a day it has been: in physical space; in politics everywhere; on the Net.

The American Affordable Health care act has been upheld! so it seems that it's not unconstitutional for a majority of US people who want health care to be able to get it! It was upheld on the narrowest and most conservative of grounds: the president has the right to tax people. And they watered down the medicare extension: a state can refuse funds -- Scott Walker has consistently refused funds which would create jobs and for building railways -- but then monster-puppets may be replaced. And it's not a bill that covers everyone; it's not what it could be but it's a first step.

Again it is true that what is passed is Health insurance for all; if you cannot afford it, the US gov't is supposed to make up the difference. This is not an improvement in the actual health care you get once you have insurance and that is riddled with problems because what is paid attention to is the profit motive for each encounter; what is proposed is another 30 million more people will join in on the corporate state running the health care system, and the price of that insurance will be controlled. This does not preclude a single payer system one day and we may hope this first step will lead to an expansion of medicare for all; medicate is the best system in the US and a single payer (using corporate medicine I admit) system for all those over 66.

It was Roberts who voted with the 4 liberals. Perhaps he understood how the supreme court would have been vilified. A movement might arise to do something to stop them. And he decided on narrow pro-commerce lines to try to throw another sop to the Republicans lest he be accused of being a "turncoat."

Kennedy didn't care. May he rot in some hell (psychological, social, whatever befalls him) for the rest of his days (and need a physician), and when he's dead, his grave get covered over in a flood or fire brought on by global warming.

Shortly therefore, within minutes we saw Romney get before the mikes. And what did he say? He declares roundly he'll abolish The Affordable health care act and the Republicans echoed this and said they'll abolish Medicare too.  (And if they can destroy Social Security, give them time.) They are threatening us. They think because they won Wisconsin with huge amounts of money and clever ads they'll win again. They are shameless bullies in front of us, trying to scare us. They read that narrow ground; they remember how the other day the supreme court has ruined democracy in Montana. They have superseded the will of the Montana people to allow huge amounts of money to come into that state by the rich and powerful corporations to take what they want out of it.

Remember a vote for Romney is a vote for more Scalias, more Clarence Thomas, more destruction of the value of your right to vote, even your ability.

They feel so proud they destroyed the Occupy Movement with their fierce police brutalities, their pepper sprays, suing the poor, making laws to keep them separated. No empty buildings for them.

And beyond that : I suggest they are also livid with hatred because Obama is black. How they resented his quietly triumphant speech. This is a win for him, a win for the election. Fierce resentment on Romney's face, a desire to spite the man through US. The Republicans who run congress hate that a black man had this accomplishment. They hate him for being proud of his accomplishment. For 4 years they have stopped all aid to the people partly from sheer racism. They can't stand that a black man should succeed in the white house. And they don't care who they hurt to demonstrate it.

A vote for Romney is a vote for a ruthless bully (remember what he did at Bains, how its role was to help other companies to fire their workers too and send jobs overseas) and a racist.


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