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Friends and readers,

About 10 minutes ago two blocks away from me (avenue blocks measuring in NYC fashion), the temperature hit 105 fahrenheit. At Episcopal High School. That's not taking into account the heat index - at which I am not looking.

This morning I recorded on facebook:  The air is thick and hot this morning already, not really fresh. But we are not actually going into the 100's today. A mere 99 is predicted. So we are not going to be super-hot. We can see the advantage of reserving words. (Tristram Shandy would approve.) Now we must keep to our rule: we are not super-hot until it's 105 without the heat index.

Well here we are, and I'm not consoled any more. Just relieved I am in a thoroughly air conditioned house with a glass of white Riesling wine with 2 squares of ice in it next to me.

Susan LaMonte, Bridge Over Difficult Run -- the admiral and I can peer down into such places when we walk in the parks near our house

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