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Prescription sunglasses!

Dear Friends and readers,

Today in our snail mail arrived my very first pair ever of distance prescription sunglasses. I could never afford to have dark-tinted prescription sunglasses to see from far since prescription distance glasses cost so much, who could have two pairs? no more. I can buy prescription reading and distance glasses on the Net for less than $50 a piece.

And I have such a variety. I got myself big wide glasses with thickish frames, dark grey. I have two pairs of reading glasses too. The ones from the Net have pretty tiny rhinestones on the frames - the frames are not that small. Both pairs even look nice on me!

This a direct result of the Net breaking local monopolies on selling glasses. Did you know that prices for bridesmaids gowns for wedding have come down. One can comparison shop on the Net. Wedding stores can still fleece brides because they insist on making the dress exquisitely to fit and women fall for this. Some prices have not fallen because the people are selling goods not as fungible as glasses and the sellers do all they can to use non-fungibility as a weapon.

When I went to stores, nothing was ever priced.  How I hated how the sales-people played this game of citing only the price of the frames not the glasses with it.  This at Kaiser Permanente, supposedly an HMO. I was gypped again and again over price. Glasses ended up costing me over $300 and more.

How they told you it was the law you needed a new prescription this year. Who made that law? Politeness is used as a weapon here.

And it was one style, this year's in a given store. Now you can get old-fashioned ones, big ones, all kinds.  The frames were fragile in comparison with the ones I've gotten on the Net.

oh the wonders of the Net.
No more phony intimidation, no pretenses.

I can now read in my car as I sit next to the Admiral and see from far at the same time. I'm 65. What a gyp is the world's marketplace, everywhere you look a monopoly. No more though ... you can reach outside beyond the local area.

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