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Republicans turning against the voters & the Bully Tyrant of Casino Capitalism

Dear friends and readers,

The republicans at the helm of the state gov'ts & their flunkies, those running the senate and the foul 5 on the supreme court are not the first powerful individuals to turn openly against their own people, the majority of the voters, and use the obfuscation of religious lies and ethnic identities to do it. I refer these spiteful threats to pick up on Robert's bone to them to refuse the medicare is what I refer to -- backed up by doing all they can to make hard forms to stop people from voting, the lies of Fox TV, the defaming rhetoric of right-wing thugs (now include Jennifer Rubin, a woman blogger for the Washington Post) and clever false misrepresentations of CNN.

Mitt Romney's Bains service was just the kind of firm that was willing to destroy workers to make huge amounts of money for the few people running it. He is the King of Casino Capitalism. He places big bets with other people's money and himself pays little taxes because that's the way the tax laws are not set up. And he chortles with glee when he looks at Scott Walker's win.

Obama and his fellow democrats did rescue us from a vast depression, he stopped systematic torture the day he came to office, put people in charge of agencies who wanted to do the agencies pro-people work, he has passed the Affordable Health Care act which is already helping people and while it makes tons of money for the corporations may eventually curb them. Watch out for the underlying racist rhetoric against him: what Republican intensely resent is his colored skin.


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