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So that's why he can't reveal them. All gone. Swallowed. You might think this was after much riding in a crate on top of a car, and hosing the dog down. You would be wrong. Romney loves and admired his dog. Seamus was a job creator!  Seamus ate his tax returns and ran Bain Capital for three years.  Bad dog!   Could this unlucky creature have been the bully (as in "Atta girl!")


Seriously, Katha Politt's sound column: If Romney wins, he will turn Medicare into a voucher program, transform Medicaid to a block grant where it's up to the state how much you get, strip access to health care from as many as 28 million of the currently insured.

Romney is someone to worry about if you put him in charge of the world's largest arsenal. He could put anyone he wants into prison because of the various Patriot Acts. He will do anything for money, take any position to get into power. He has something to hide: probably he hardly paid any taxes at all and collected literally millions by finagling the finance system and helping his buddies to fleece companies and fire people. Of course he'll repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. He'll probably (slowly) destroy Social Security since it's in the interest of his fellow billionaires. He is not trustworthy.



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Jul. 20th, 2012 09:03 pm (UTC)
Dog in a bad home; in need of a good home
Jill: Of course Seamus ran away when the Romneys got to their vacation site. Can you blame him?

Me: Poor dog though. How long did he survive. He needed a good home; he'd had a terrible one.
Jul. 21st, 2012 02:42 am (UTC)
Dog in a bad home; in need of a good home
Jill: Hopefully another family found him and took him in. It sounds like he was beautiful.

Me: Alas, the probabilities are not. In Lessing's _On Cats_ (really delightful, you should try it), the second to last chapter or part is on Rufus the Survivor who had a bad home and slowly attached himself to Lessing. But everything about the way the cat did that was the result of being a cat. A dog would not stick around and come back in the way a cat will.
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