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Maternal mortality in the US on the rise

Dear friends and readers,

This does seem a good example of how not to write an article:

We are told -- to catch our attention -- that not only is maternal mortality among the highest in so-called developed countries, it's among 23 states where it's on the rise. Why? This story by womens' enews is singularly unenlightening and it obscures what we do know.

They say the rise is are not completely related to poverty, pre-existing conditions, obesity, teen pregnancy and lack of prenatal care. The word completely is weasel word, plus the article says that a real improvement is probably on the way once Obamacare kicks in -- if it does. How mysterious. Statistics suggest real better health on the way, but no the rise is not completely related to these.

So, if it's not completely related to these things, what is it related to? They don't say, but rather point out how really high the rate is among black and hispanic women.  The reality they refuse to say is these women are dying because no one cares enough about them to take any real care of them. The US is so racist on behalf of whites the medical establishment can't be bothered.

I suppose to say this is just so inflamatory, they avoid it. This is an example of how not to say something because if you are a literal reader you may come away with the impression important social and economic causes are not important but not pick up what the article only circles round: racism. They obscure what we do know and then are not brave enough to give the new angle that explains what's left out.

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