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Vermont: how pussycats & Yvette fared

Dear friends and readers,

I put the entries I kept in a Vermont diary on my Ellen and Jim have a blog, two. Here I talk of Clary, Ian, Yvette and (sans photo) Caroline.

The pussycats seem really to have missed us. When we first returned, they were the usual off-standish, and who are you, anyway? But very quickly, Clary, the girl pussycat, manifested an intense nervousness last night, insisting on cuddling up in this intensely oblivious-to-all-else way she has. On my lap she clutched hard with her paws, pretending all the while to be laying with her head in that vulnerable doughnut position she has. When I went and this morning go into my room, she is at the door yowling. I know Caroline manages to take magazin-y pictures of her, but she is really unphotogenic, rat-like. Here she is indignant:

She is ever on the move. She is very thin. She eats a lot, but she burns it up.

Ian is ever underfoot. Last night he lay right on top of me. He is on top of tables, ever right there, most unusual I have been able to take a number of photos:

There he is every time I turn around.

And Yvette is in high spirits. She immensely enjoyed a tennis match she went to with Caroline. The day they went (alas no photo of Caroline), she had had to leave three bowls of food, for she was gone many many hours.


She has just been watching the Olympics. I am trying to persuade her to buy herself a much bigger TV. She's in high spirits, a date today in Penn Quarter for lunch, her social club goes to Wolf Trap tomorrow. Her day job goes wonderfully well just now too: she's learning all about big iguanas, snakes ...


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