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Romney going around telling lies about impoverished women & children

Dear friends and readers,

Romney, that great tax-payer, is going around telling lies about women's welfare. In fact the requirement that a woman get a job is still firmly in place, the reasons for her not having a job even stronger (a depression beyond her children and the low pay she can get and lack of affordable help for her children); the work requirement was a stalking horse for throwing women out the door, shaming them into invisibility, shelters, dependence on over-stretched families. All that is available for a huge number of women and children nowadays is food stamps.

The piece also tells hard truths about the difference between the fates of typical white and black women -- what kinds of jobs and lives are available for white as opposed to black men.  What has made the different fates of Jessican and Chris: Chris married a white man.

I wrote back in June now how we desperately need to have typical stories of women's working and housewife lives, and again in July, not these cris de coeur over the privileged accompanied by accounts of the abysmally exploited. The Republican lies are about how women are cheats; I admit if there's one women whose privileged life and complacency sickens me it's Ann Romney watching her dressed up super-expensive trained (poor thing -- Stevie Smith, Cats in Color) horse do tricks

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