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Ryan: scary worrying choice

Dear friends and readers,

The reason it's a scary worrying choice is it shows Romney's indifference to the seriousness of the office. He's going to have enormous power and he is not taking this seriously. He is playing games with people's lives. He is willing to do anything to other people. He apparently never imagines what other peoples' lives are beyond those precisely like himself. He is wild. This is a wild choice which can only be made by someone who has no concern for the consequences of putting someone like Ryan possibly in charge of such a powerful arsenal and leaders of ruthless corporations.

Horrible horrible oh most horrible. Selfishness utter selfishness. Ryan is someone whose plans would make Romney yet richer. No wonder Romney nominated him. Ryan is for giving tax money is huge amounts to people like Romney. The implications of his personhood bill could be to make contraceptives illegal.

Some people take it that Romney has thrown down the gauntlet.

     They would again change the percentages in tax, this time to cut the taxes again on the richest and raise tax on the middle class.  They would privatize social security. Get rid of it. They would alter medicare to the point, it would no longer exist. They would close down planned parenthood (no contraception for women, no control of their reproductive system or health); end all abortions (no matter if you were raped, or will die of the pregnancy or carrying an anencephalic fetus). I've no doubt they'd end all aid to the poor, every bit of it.  All social programs. They''d privatize public education; get rid of the qualification for teachers so they could put anyone in the schools and destroy the teacher's union. Jobs? you want jobs. They'd expand war everywhere. Bain Capital would be nothing to the legislation they'd pass to make us controlled also by corporations. More NAFTAs:  no jobs here in order to keep the US workers afraid, insecure, poor, desperate. Clean energy legislation? Are you kidding.

Here is Ryan telling lies that most of our debt comes from entitlement programs. An old man gets up to say he has worked 35 years to put money into this insurance program and Ryan has the police take the man out brutally and then makes a joke about throwing him to the ground.

All sorts of barriers to prevent the average person from voting will spread. We'd see the spread of stand your ground laws. Three US supreme court justices are very old; they will be replaced by more Scalias. Really we'd go back to the later 19th century where money ruled politics utterly.

Given the fire-power of the US president, two men like this could hurt millions of people round the globe. Direct death, destruction of houses only the most visible sign.

The Admiral (who likes to take an optimistic view of things) says it's a sign of Romney's weakness. Like McCain chose Palin as "red meat" to the evangelicals because he feared they would not vote for him, so Romney chooses Ryan to shore up his right wing vote. He fears they don't believe he would be as vindictive, punitive as he promises; he would not end neutral public space and make the US into an overt Protestant evangelical theocracy; this is a sop to them and shows he worries his support is thin. I hope that is the case. Of course the implication is: as with McCain, it will backfire. I remember how people felt genuine fear when Goldwater nominated Bill Miller for vice-president. One heart-beat from the presidency.

Others I've read say he wants to raise money this way. But he is raising huge huge amounts.

Anibundel (Angry Lady Chronicles too) says he is deflecting our attention from his undisclosed tax returns and continual insults/gaffs: ironic summary.

Yvette though worries me when she says the rightist and republicans she knows when they vote dismiss what the Republican candidate says he or she will do. They don't believe it, they say. It's just talk. I can't understand on what basis they vote for them then. But from talking to people I do know people vote on crazy unexamined bases.

I take this lack of examination to be behind assertions that Romney and Ryan intend to take us back to the 1950s (as some say) for in the 1950s Social Security was not continually threatened, the very wealthiest in the US (1% then) paid 90% of their surplus in taxes.  Eisenhower who tried to control the military-industrial complex, who sent troops to Arkansas to integrate schools was president. That was the sort of Republican who was in office. They included people of integrity and conscience (like George Romney, Romney's father). No more. It is a party of Liars. Romney and his partner intend to take us back to pre-1920s.

Very worrying. I know people who vote on no other basis than their personal taxes will go down. They will say they are not eligible for most helps. They don't care what happens to others as long as today they make some gain. They will worry about the future if they are hurting and then try to get what they can out of the system.

This pair for most people in the US will maim and hurt their present way of life, their supports, and the future of the generation to come -- no more pell grants and certainly no helps for students in college.

I repeat the reason it's worrying is it shows Romney's indifference to the reach and powers of job he seeks,. his obliviousness to it, his irresponsibility. He will take no responsibility.. The story of the dog Seamus is relevant. His leading a group of bullies against a non-macho young man in the classroom.

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