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Ryan, deluded, dangerous, but direct product of US cultural lack of community

Dear friends and readers,

So now I've read about Ryan and watched some YouTubes of him. He's not just deluded (his ideas will destroy the US economy) and dangerous (he's speciously attractive in ways Palin was and is not), but the product of a profound distrust in segments of the US population of everyone around them, a complete lack of identification, no bonding whatsoever.

Whenever Ryan's ideas are spelt out as to what he will do, his constituencies come and complain raspingly and he has the aggressive people arrested ('down to the ground'). The cause for the spread of capital punishment and mass incarceration is the cause for Ryan's electoral success -- along with of course Wall Street funding him.

It could be said when Romney picks Ryan he's showing a conflict of interest. Ryan's plan will enable Romney legally to pay such small taxes he need not hide his tax forms from us any more.

See Stockman on Ryan's fairy tale budget. To sum up: feed the rich, bloat the military, screw the 99 percent.

Tags: capitalism, presidential campaign, private property, voteforobama

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