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Romney whose whole mode is lying called Obama dishonest

Dear friends and readers,

Romney is not the obvious sadist Bush was, but equally a very dangerous choice to give huge power to.  We don't know where he stands because he has no stand to do except he will do and profess to believe in whatever it takes to get and stay in power in any particular year:

Another reason adduced for Romney's choice of Ryan is he had been having several bad weeks. He could not seem to change the talk about him in the media or on the campaign trail from him. He won't release his taxes -- probably did not pay any. He's continuously insulting people. The British don't know how to run an Olympics. Boris Johnson behaves unbecomingly (!) He shows just how far away he is from understanding average peoples' lives and how indifferent to others he is. His wife too: the other day she said women should not want equal pay with men, and they should stay home and be dependent on men. Has she noticed what the average man's salary is today? the cost of living for a lower middle class life? It's laughable this demand of women for a decent wage. Women should be grateful to be allowed to go to work for nothing.

People notice how not so many years ago Romney was pro-choice, passed a version of Romney-care, was for a decent minimum wage, was in fact a liberal Republican.

What to do? Not to take on a bold choice which might bring him some democratic votes? like the governor of New Jersey, Christine Whitman who is also pro-choice. Just about all women politicians are pro-choice, Republican and Democratic.  Palin and Bachmann are very odd. (As just about all black people are liberal democrats; Clarence Thomas and the man from Floria are odd [very well paid] stooges.) First pick a candidate whose record will deflect attention from him.


Then come out calling Obama dishonest. A liar. Don't say what about, just repeat and repeat it. Louder and louder. Pretend he has a plan for creating jobs. Far from it all that Romney proposes would destroy jobs. All that Romney proposes would destroy a huge swath of the US population's chances for a decent comfortable life. I remember that the first time I saw Bush I realized he was a sadist.  When I saw him giggle and enjoy the pleas of the young women in Texas not to kill her and mock and imitate it, what a horrifically bad president he'd be. I knew he should never been given that office. I was not surprised that on his watch 9/11 occurred nor that he hid like a coward, nor that he used it to make huge wars to get places for his corporate chums to steal from (Haliburton in Iraq).

Romney is not transparent on the surface. We cannot just look at him and see. But it takes only a little reading to see he doesn't begin to know what honesty is. He doesn't value it. It's not what made him super-rich. He is more of an enigma on first looking at him, but he is as bad a man as Bush for the office of the US president. He should not be given any office with power over other people's lives and incomes. He is a lie in and of himself.

The pot calls the kettle black. Who behaves unbecomingly?

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