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Attached cats: when we were gone unexpectedly

Dear Friends and readers,

An addendum to my previous on our cats. This past week, my mother died and we were gone without having planned it adequately for 3 nights and 3 days. The first night Yvette was there with them, and Caroline came on Saturday morning, the food was replenished by Rob. This photo was taken about then because Clary is not afraid of strangers, and by this time Caroline is not a stranger:


But after that they were alone. By the time we came home, all the food (Yvette and Caroline left a lot) was gone, their water was down and their litter box filthy. Ian was said to have shivered under his bed when Caroline was in the bedroom picking out our clothes and when Rob prepared all their food, he was stunned to see this stranger in this kitchen -- though so gentle and quiet.

They must've been frightened and upset badly because when we came home at first they did not come out. They were huddled together under the bed, almost not knowing what to expect, sort of panicking. It took quite a time for them to come out and then they were so delighted by the food.

Tags: animal rights, cats, life-writing (mine), real family life, social life, womens lives

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