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The arguments for voting for Obama

I'll remember everything he has said, and will repeat it argument for argument for the next 3 months. He went over each important issue concretely, explained clearly what's at stake, what the Republicans intend to do (pulverize and destroy all social help to enable the rich and powerful to keep most of the country's goods and services for themselves), and what Obama has done so far that has been enormously helpful. He shows the Republicans lies and also how they have worked to stop all progress

To vote for Obama is to vote for a good future, education for all, health care for all, social cooperation, telling common sense truth.

I hope Clinton goes campaigning with Obama. Gore distanced himself from this man. If Clinton goes campaigning with him, there's a solid chance for Obama even if he's a black man (still his big liability). Clinton was teaching the group how to enable Obama to win. . Obama ought to persuade Clinton to go everywhere possible with this speech, faute de mieux, I've put it here and will post about it.



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Sep. 7th, 2012 01:23 pm (UTC)
Job creation Republican style
I appreciated him for making rational arguments with facts and figures. I appreciated his compassion. I laughed when he talked about "arithemetic." Five trillion in tax cuts, almost all to the very wealthy, and two extra trillion for defense beyond what the Pentagon wants with no explanation of how to pay for it is the Republican plan--and the numbers don't add up. If giving the rich more money really meant job creation, we'd be awash in more jobs than we know what to do with already. But what I think the rich Republicans mean by job creation is being able to hire huge staffs of servants for very little pay ... as they did in the "good old" days. Diana R.
Sep. 7th, 2012 01:26 pm (UTC)
Job creation Republican style
Job creation Republican style: also workers in offices who are so nervous and insecure they will take small pay, no benefits, and work very long hours. Only private employment and only on the employer's terms.I knew a woman in the neighborhood where I live who used to lament the advent of social security. She was against it. Why? the elderly black man who was her part-time gardener since hitting 65 only came over once a week and then did not do the very hard jobs he used to (grow too old). Were he to have had no income he'd had been over to her house frequently and did all she requested. She was shameless about this in front of me. She assumed I agreed. So her view is not that uncommon if usually unvoiced in public.
Sep. 9th, 2012 04:04 am (UTC)
Diane K: I Loved his transition,"Well now, I'm fixing to tell you."

Me: Yes when he drops down into his native slang it feels right.
I should add that Obama does not have this kind of native slang. He was brought up aspiring middle class and due to the peculiar composition of race, ethnic, class politics of Hawaii and that he was so smart he ended up in an elite school.

Diane R: Clinton has the quality of sounding as if he is talking to you one on one.

Me: Both -- he goes back and forth and sometimes is like a teacher explaining. Obama is ever the lecturer or sermonizer from a lectern.
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