misssylviadrake (misssylviadrake) wrote,

Diary: autumn coming

Dear friends and readers,

I feel much better since yesterday morning's blog. A burden lifted. Yesterday: Unusually beautiful afternoon. The way Sept should be: high in 70s, breezy, dry air, sun keeps going behind clouds so not hot. We walked 5 blocks of old town cordoned off from cars and visited back-to-back tents filled with arts, crafts, of all sorts on sale. Then watched sailboats in Potomac & Alexandria versions of vaporetto and Twain riverboat.

Faye Van der Veet -- this artist's works were on display in one of the tents

The admiral said a lot of it was kitsch. Maybe so. But it was very alluring pleasant kitsch. One man was actually making stone carvings one could hang on one's wall.

Last night there was the phenomenon I can't explain of luminous darkness in this room and in our screened porch area. People have suggested a full moon or the night lamps on the street. The trouble with this idea is last night there was not a full moon and we do always have the street lights but the luminousness in a couple of rooms in the house is intermittent. Some nights yes, some no.

This morning my room very bright, filled with sunlight. It faces east and when the weather is hot, I keep the blinds down. But today it's 60 degrees right now and high will be 77. I've the windows wide open and the ceiling fan on high.


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