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Mitt Romney: the nerve of this man who hides millions in off-shore non-taxed accounts

Dear friends and readers,

Last night I watched a news show and interview Brad Birkenfield where I learnt that this man has been awarded 104 million by the IRS. It seems he released information about Swiss banking and off-shore investment accounts where US people keep their money so they don't have to pay taxes. Birkenfield was pursued by the US gov't and trumped up false charges against him were made to stick.The record of the Bush and now the Obama administration on civil rights to protest and whistleblowing to expose has been bad. Bush started this kind of persecution and Obama has not ended it.

Birkenfield's lawyer explained that the off-shore investment accounts are protected by the person having them "in trusts," where it's pretended that the owner knows nothing and doesn't control his money. The reality is the companies who do this obey the implied and understood wishes of their owners not to pay taxes. Thousands have come to the IRS since this judgement to admit they have such accounts lest they go to jail.  Nearly a billion dollars of cheating is concerned, precious dollars whose loss helps make the deficit.

While I admit Obama's not changing the thrust of Bush's justice department (and this is so counter-productive), nonetheless, how can anyone vote for this man, Romney? Is it that they identify and wish they could sock away money like him too, and dream it'll happen?

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