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The new Voter IDs -- with photos


I watched news show on what is asked to get a Voter ID in Pennsylvania. Veteran's IDs are not permitted. Why? many people (black too) have them. The places you can get an ID in Pennysylvania are in the suburbs. Vast areas in Pennsylvia are not covered.

The central point to remember is that everyone is supposed to have the right to vote from the time of the 15th amendment (passed after the civil war) for men and since 1928 for women. There is no voter fraud such as is alleged by republicans. The Pennsylvania attorney general came up with not one. That an ID is hard for other things does not matter. That IDs are required for getting on planes is irrelevant. No one has the right as part of his humanity or place in the republic to get on a plane. In the US no one has the right as yet to health care: Obama's act only makes it affordable for most.

To put a diffcult and for some impossible criteria (as for example black people in the south were regularly not registered when they were born so have no birth certificate) as necessary for voting is to stop people voting. It is to make them feel tehy are powerless and not equal to others, inferior, terrible about themselves too. It is shameful, shameless, ugly.



Sep. 17th, 2012 10:54 am (UTC)
Italian customs in voting

I have been following this story on npr. First I am surprised that so many people in the States do not have an ID. Second, I remember I went to vote round the corner here in Italy and met an ex-colleague of mine at the polls, I searched in my bag and found only my journalist card (which had been accepted once as a ID at another election), well, believe it or not, he made me come back home to get my official ID.

This to say that, although I did not like it at all, I was planning to dedicate something like half an hour to the entire business and it ended up with me running back and forth, I think it is what had to be done. My ID card number was then registered with my signature. How can they know who voted, who did not vote?


Far from being Republican, I think this is a needed step.

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